TM Image Library ( and its related services) is a site run by volunteers and is intended as an image hosting service for the use of members of the Talk Morgan forum ( and as such is not open to the general public. The service is not run for the purpose of profit and the supervisors are not compensated in any financial way. The site is funded entirely by voluntary user contributions and does not accept any form of third party advertising (with the exception of advertising directly related to Morgan dealers).

Users must register to access the site. It is necessary to create an account which comprises a “User name” and a valid email address, all other information is optional. The user’s IP address is notified to the site supervisors at the time that a new user account is created.

User’s images stored on our server may be viewed by all users of this service unless otherwise specified in the Album Privacy option. An image may also be viewed by any member of the general public, if allowed by the above mentioned Album Privacy option, who has a direct link. Direct links allow the sharing of images in forums and elsewhere. All images may be viewed by the site supervisors: this is necessary to ensure that saved images do not infringe our “Terms of service” policies.

The user data which is stored in our database is mainly used to provide our services. The data collected is for TM Image Library ( and its related services) use only and we won't share with any third-party any sensitive information about our users unless is required by a representative of the law.

User stored information

  • User information (email, profile, user generated content and newsletter opt-in settings).

  • The “User registration IP” is held so that an IP address may be banned in the unusual circumstance of gross infringement of our “Terms of service” policies.

  • User preferences and newsletter opt-in settings.

  • Correspondence with users is stored in our email servers.

  • All user data and the user account may be deleted at any time at the request of the user by email or via our contact form. Such a request will always be verified using the email address provided by the user and stored with the user profile. When a user account is deleted all the User’s images are normally deleted. (At a users request images may be saved.)

How we use this information

We may use the user’s email address to contact the user in the case of necessity and for important notifications. In the case that the user has opted to receive our newsletter we may send a newsletter regarding the service from time to time. In the unlikely event of a user abusing the service for purposes contrary to our “Terms of service” we may use the “User registration IP” to ban access from that IP address.

Other than specified above we will not send unsolicited emails or divulge a user’s email address to any third party.


Users may delete images at any time. It should be noted that deleted images will no longer be available for sharing on a forum or in any other way. It should be noted that when a user account is deleted that user’s images, unless otherwise requested, are also deleted.


We don't use third-party cookies, just our cookies and only if you want to use services that rely in cookies (like "keep me logged in" function), and a “session” cookie which keeps you logged in to the service for the duration of the session.


The service, TM Image Library, is supported by voluntary and optional donations from users. The only method of making donations is via PayPal. PayPal always advises the donation made to the account of TM Image Library by email, that email includes the donors name and the email address used for the donor’s PayPal account. The record of the transaction is retained by PayPal. The donor’s name and email address allows us to thank the donor and record of the these emails are retained on our email server. Our supporter’s names are published on the “Thank you” page which is only accessible to registered users. The user’s name will not be published if so requested by the user and, if published, may be removed at any time at the request of the user.


We take your privacy very seriously and will respond to any request for further information regarding privacy and, where at all possible, we will delete any user data held by us if you request us to do so.